New Year 2010/2011 In The Payroll Ideally equipped for the future electronic data exchange of the year 2010/2011 is imminent and as already in the last year with the introduction of ELENA, a trend in legislation this year is clear: more and more data are collected electronically. Below we will inform you about the new data transmission procedure in the wage and payroll from January 2011. electronic transmission of refund applications for salary a more electronic delivery obligation for employers from 2011 the reimbursement requests for the employer expenses within the framework of the remuneration for sickness and maternity. The paper tabled be accounted for through the automatic transmission, but must in the implementation phase expected to a parallel implementation of the paper-based applications and the electronic transmission be expected. This procedure hopes the expenses promptly can be refunded to the employer. Electronic transmission of The procedure for requesting of remuneration compensation (E.g. sickness benefit) will be replaced by an electronic data transmission procedure remuneration certificates from mid-2011. To other data such as protection periods, before disease times, incapacity for work must be recorded and provided. To ensure a safe start of this new procedure, the payment certificates in paper form from the health insurance fund must be placed also for a transitional period in addition to the electronic message. Regularly no messages to transmit, so managing supply reference receivers is currently not a problem are required on the paying agents...

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