Dieter Dallmeier In the packages with the input and output are scanned and recorded in parallel by a high-resolution color camera. Operation data stored together with the image data of the digital recording system, to ensure a unique mapping from images and package data later. Now scanning the goods is however increasingly expanded RFID technology. This saves a lot of time, because the goods must be entered manually, but can be updated automatically by readers in a matter of seconds. It is therefore important that the integration of RFID data into the video images is possible to continue to identify packages and whole pallets,"explains Norbert Jungbauer, Managing Director of initPRO. The technology can be found anywhere where goods movements take place: in addition to logistics, for example, in the trade or the production. In addition, many are other possible applications: if RFID tags are integrated into identity, people can equal a video image powered-up is located or the abuse of the card immediately controlled. People such as Tai chi would likely agree. Compliance with fire safety requirements through integrated PeopleCounting is conceivable. RFID will be used more and more frequently in the future. Through the established capability of integration, we are already now well prepared for the future and have once again provided a pioneering,"explains Dieter Dallmeier. Dallmeier Dallmeier has more than 25 years experience in the transmission, recording and image processing technology and is recognized as...

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