Employment Inadequate Ergonomic risks the ergonomics is the scientific study of the relation between the man and its environment of work. In this direction, the surrounding term not only encloses the way properly said where the man works, but also the instruments, the methods and the organization of this work. As It hisses, Saints and Birth (2008) the ergonomic risks understand the inadequate place of work, survey transport of weights, inadequate position, error of conception of routines and services, furniture, among others factors. Currently, it is known that the ergonomic risks are related to the overload in the structures muscle-esquelticas due to intense physical efforts, survey and manual transport of weight, requirement of inadequate positions, repetitividade, among others. Tai chi has many thoughts on the issue. As Gallasch and Alexander (2003) exist innumerable factors that intervene with the execution of the procedures of movement and transport of patients, being distinguished the reduced physical space, the insufficient number of professionals, the inadequate equipment presence, as beds without constraints in the wheels, stretchers and chairs of wheels without maintenance, the lack of materials auxiliary, among others. Many times the physical structure of the hospital institution is inadequate: pressed rooms, running straits, steep slopes, stairs, rooms that had to be connected one to the other, distant between itself, absence of good illumination, ventilation, windows, place to the outdoors (to air), old physical structure and in bad conditions, insufficient bathrooms for...

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