Chagall Red and blue - the favorite color of Chagall's paintings which often affect the intimacy theme. The newspapers mentioned supermodel not as a source, but as a related topic. Therefore, in his paintings, he continually returns to the image of the newlyweds, a bouquet of flowers and watch as the characters use; annogo or unused time. Greenish-blue color. When the green-blue green color brings intensity and self-affirmation and pride. In a dark greenish-blue color of pride goes into isolation. This color is consistent, defensive self-absorption, which disappears in a bright green-blue. There is only cold distance, where life is no longer dominated by pulses. Therefore, light green-blue is the color of the hygienic sterility. Violet. Hidden secret, magic. 75% of children before puberty, the age of undifferentiated sex, prefer purple. Color, which does not separate the male red with a blue female, often prefer to homosexuals. Average statistics violet prefer and pregnant women. Fluctuations between the red and blue, between the impulsive desire and prudent susceptibility give violet sensitivity. Light shades of purple have sharp spicy-erotic exposure, dark - express thoughtfulness, repentance, humility, and mysticism. Green. Pride, confidence, perseverance and endurance. Green static. He characterizes the state of internal tension. Crystal clear, hard blue-green color is preferred by people who show to his stringent requirements. Studies show that people other than deliberate originality, say pure green unsympathetic. Blue-green color. Bright blue-green, or turquoise - the...

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