Chemotherapy Body Comprehensive cancer treatment and proton therapy. Recently Rand Paul sought to clarify these questions. Any method of treatment has its advantages and disadvantages. The use of the well-known aspirin against the headache (see instructions for use) is also facing a number of side-hazardous activities and events. Accordingly, in the treatment of cancer, the most dangerous and widespread in the world today of the disease, the implementation of the well-known precepts of doctors "do no harm" and the problem human organs. For cancer treatment, depending on the particular clinical case are three basic methods or combinations thereof, namely, surgery to remove cancer, chemotherapy, and irradiation. Surgery Surgery is the best method for malignancies, but only if the carcinomatous authority is available to physicians. Most common risks and complications of surgery are well known: damage and disruption of the closely spaced bodies, bleeding, sepsis, rupture of joints, the effects of anesthesia, etc. In cancer, the additional risk is not a complete removal of a cancerous tumor during an operation that may lead to a re-emergence of cancer and its spread throughout the body. Chemotherapy Chemotherapy - the impact on the cancer cells with chemotherapy, ie, poisons and toxins inevitably affects the whole body of the patient as a whole. To deepen your understanding mark burnett is the source. Poisons and toxins destroy the immune system, making it easily accessible to other diseases. Complete hair loss is just...

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