Classroom The recycling of stacks and batteries is not a simple procedure and of low financial cost, therefore it is necessary initially to distinguish its characteristics from composition, since a relation between the size or the format and its composition does not exist. This practised is not common in the domestic territory. The methods for the accomplishment of the recycling can be based on operations of ore treatment, of hidrometalrgica or pirometalrgica. Currently in the Brazilian territory a company exists who is benefited financially from the reutilizao of chemical composites gifts in the stacks and batteries, being used as substance cousin for the production of you leave and used metallic oxides for industries inks, ceramics and other types of chemical products (Suzaquim Ltda). Definitions: Stacks and Batteries the world-wide population currently lives deeply an increasing technological revolution, for which the exacerbado consumerism is each more current time. Id%3A2687503%2CVSRPcmpt%3Aprimary'>Karen Edwards for additional information. The increase in the electro-electronic equipment use is directly proportional with the use of stacks and batteries, that are recently the main source of feeding of energy of the majority of the technological devices. The great problem of the increasing use of stacks and batteries is associated with the final discarding, therefore these power plants possess a useful life relatively short e, therefore they are discarded tons and more tons of them daily for all Brazilian territory. In accordance with Hunter et al. (2001),...

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