Time Noise All ackward or undesirable sound can be defined as noise. When this type of sound is continuous and intense it can lesionar the internal cells of the cclea, causing a characteristic auditory loss, called PAIR. It is common to detect PAIR in workers of metallurgic, siderurgical, graphical and txteis industries; automobile odontlogos, musicians, shooting and running esportistas as, among others professional that work with exposition the continuous noises. Currently, a new group of risk is if developing, ' ' viciados' ' in the use of devices as Ipod, MP3 or MP4. Appreciated, mainly, for young, these equipment can reach 90 decibels (dB) of intensity, being that the other most modern ones arrive up to 110 dB, intensity that can be compared with the sound of an airplane. The use for time drawn out associated to the extreme volume of the devices with earphone is of high risk for the auditory health. Some signals and symptoms can be observed in individuals with problems auditory, as: reduction of the auditory capacity (difficulty to hear sounds of alarms, telephones, bells, television, among others); difficulty of understanding of speaks, mainly in meetings, groups or environments with external noises (parties, church, bus); humming; sensation of badly being in the presence of intense sounds. Other general symptoms can be gifts: migraines, giddiness, irritability, anxiety, digestive difficulties of concentration, problems among others. The Ministry of the Work, by means of the Norm...

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