Tribulus Herb Since Tribulus came under close attention to body builders and athletes of other power sports. Currently, tribulus - this is one of the most popular sports additives on the level of sales and popularity among athletes, Tribulus concedes that creatine does. HOW IT WORKS Tribulus Tribulus herb contains about 0.7% steroid glycosides, as well as a large number of flavonoids, alkaloids and vitamin C. The extract of Tribulus herb stimulates the secretion of gastric juices and reduces blood cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure, increases myocardial contractility, and an extract of Tribulus has immunomodulatory properties. And the most important feature of tribulus - this content in multiple Furostanol that a positive effect on sexual function of men increases the potency and stimulates spermatogenesis. It is this last feature and plenty of content in Tribulus Furostanol make it applicable to sports practice. According to the research method Tribulus leads to increased levels testosterone by 60-70%! Also important is the fact - that Tribulus completely resolved the drug agency WADA World Anti-Doping and applies it can not be afraid of the upcoming doping control. Tribulus - significantly increases the size and muscle strength in athletes, because testosterone is a potent anabolic hormone. This drug is used by bodybuilders and athletes the best in the world. Also, many athletes Tribulus is also used because it has a diuretic effect, and using it for 3 days before the competition can...

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