Heidenrod Tel To be added numerous comparisons from the previous investigation. For the five divisions, the intermediaries who see your business priority, were asked their opinion. And although each along the rating 17 performance criteria, which are assigned to the sales support. These performance criteria can be divided in turn into the four partial functions of sales support: Central sales support, regional sales support, software & tools, and marketing materials. Considering these four sub-functions of sales support mismatch, so the independent broker on the range of software & tools focus, followed by the Central and regional sales support then. Last but not least, the marketing materials as relevant are called. Study leader Christopher Bald, SMARTcompagnie GmbH, says: the market of independent brokers is a hard-fought terrain from point of view of the product provider. The requirements for the overall performance of the company grow further. In this context, a high importance falls to sales support, because it is an important differentiator in the competition environment. However, more sales support does not equate with more sales. The question is, where are the greatest lever for the company to effectively use the investment and running costs for business success. Some measures are certainly mandatory, others to be voluntary." The best sales supporters that shows the following overview the best supporters of sales for the year 2009 from the perspective of independent intermediaries in the investigated product divisions: private provision...

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