Excessive Psychologist Foci of interpersonal problems as the optimal location for psychologist mental illness, especially fatigue and depression in all manifestations, replace cardiovascular disease in their rank as major widespread diseases. Affected people are across all social strata, educational levels and age. Companies are due to the failure of their staff, public and private insurers through the lengthy treatment of a huge wave of cost overrun. The reasons for this are suspected in the constraints of the current situation in the company with their work summarization, ever-increasing quality requirements and the necessary for their management and compliance with giant amounts of information to be processed. Because the vast majority of mankind at the same speed on the new can get, with the few developed it and introduced, there are technologies, earnings guidance or social manners, results from many individual a high degree of Excessive demands. And she always boldly enters mental illness. To make all this ill be back fit and healthy, there is appropriate professionals. With diverse methods and measures they should show the patients from the disease ultimately self-destructive ways. The specialists employed in the meantime everywhere incurred clinics are often psychologists with a diploma obtained in five years at a University, who can work to an additional qualification as psychotherapists. For their services in free practice, they can apply for a fund approval. The Bologna process, used by the policy, which has freedom of...

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