Ricoh Is Committed To Environmental Objectives Ricoh Europe supports world environment day 2010 with the initiative eco action Ricoh Europe PLC, a leading provider of digital office communication and production printing global, United Nations world environment day on June 5, 2010 this year. "In the context of the global eco action days" Ricoh employees all over the world participate in initiatives to save energy and set as active for the environmental objectives by Ricoh. The greater awareness of our customers, suppliers and employees for the environment is a core element of Ricoh's overall strategy to reduce CO2 emissions by 88 percent by 2050. We implement our targets in all business areas for example in the production offices, in the delivery of the product, in the recycling of parts, consumables and products", Tom car country, manager says management group at Ricoh Europe environmental. This year, Ricoh supported the United Nations world environment day for the fifth time. Every year, employees take from all Ricoh subsidiaries worldwide in their offices because part and tell their friends and family about the Ricoh's environmental actions. World billboards and advertisement towers by Ricoh are switched off for at least 24 hours. In Europe, employees already in the run-up to engage in Community action at the local level: check the pressure of the tire, organize carpools, drive wheel and commuter use more public transportation, to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. This year the employees and staff of...

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