PKV Association Despite significant relief for switching to the private health insurance, fewer employees are ready to go by the law in the private health insurance. After the health care reform of the last year, many private health insurers hoped for a stronger inflow of new customers who make the move to the private health insurance. Also the significantly favourable posts compared to those who apply are in the statutory health insurance, could encourage only a few employees in deciding to move the car. The requirements, to go to the private health insurance were easier for employees and workers. In addition to the reduction in annual workers unloading money limit to 49.500,-euros gross, the years have been reduced from 3 years to 1 year. The PKV Association a rain inlet to new customers, which refill the coffers of the private health insurers through your contributions, is promised by these amendments because they are currently empty. In addition to constantly rising Cost of medicines and laboratory tests, make to create the private insurers increasingly insolvent policyholders. But why shy away from so many employees in the private health insurance, although these offer significantly better performance inclusions as the legal Fund in addition to significantly lower contributions? One of the main reasons it is expected, that the change in the private health insurance for employees, which can insure with your family members, so women and children in a collective...

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