Ectopic Pregnancies Approximately 40% of women develop an ectopic pregnancy was preceded by abortion. Surgical interventions. Another important reason may be called Earlier surgical intervention, as in the genital area and on other pelvic organs and abdominal cavity. As a consequence of the operation formed adhesions and symphysis in the pelvis and abdomen. that affect peristaltic movements of the uterine tube. Hormonal changes. Contractile activity and properties of the tube the fertilized egg directly dependent on the hormonal background in the woman's body. Unfavorable background may be due to dysregulation of the menstrual cycle of any nature and use of hormonal drugs, as well as other organs and systems (eg, malfunction thyroid gland). Tumor. An important role is played by the presence of tumors and tumor-like formations of the uterus, ovaries or other pelvic organs, which can compress the fallopian tube, and thereby hinder promotion of the egg. In addition, the presence of tumors is often changed and hormones. Endometriosis. Disease in which a wall of the uterus, ovaries and abdomen or other organs appear and begin to develop cells that are characteristic for the inner layer of the uterus endometrium. This pathological process leads to the formation of adhesions, changes in motility of the fallopian tubes, the development of the disease - possibly infertility. Underdevelopment sexual apparatus. If you infantilism (hypoplasia) genitalia indicated excessive length and tortuosity of the fallopian tubes, hormonal disorders, which is also...

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