Low Blood Pressure During Pregnancy Low blood pressure during pregnancy hypotension - low blood pressure. Most often, hypotension - the lot of representatives of the fair half of mankind. In women, blood pressure is slightly lower than in men, while vagaries of the weather and with monthly hormonal races its decline may be significant. Hypotension may be due to nervous overstrain, it often develops as a consequence of infectious and other diseases with insufficient or disordered eating, restrictive diets. In addition to the illness, hypotension carries a more significant problem. Many women faced with such problems as low blood pressure during pregnancy. Hypotension occurs both in women who are hypotensive on life, and expectant mothers, who prior to pregnancy were not familiar with the problem of low blood pressure. There is a category people for whom low numbers of blood pressure are normal, they are adapted to that of bp and the deteriorating state of health when it increased to average values. In other cases, low pressure during pregnancy is accompanied by dizziness, headache, nausea, decreased efficiency. When pregnancy status of women hypotensive deteriorating, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy: toxicosis, often they encountered, exacerbated during hypotension. The causes of persistent low blood pressure, not well understood. The main one is a violation of vascular tone due to an imbalance in the system neurohumoral regulation. Determine their propensity to hypotension should still at the planning stage of pregnancy. If...

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